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Appointments can be made online through the "Book Online" tab under "Services"


60 Minute Session - $40-75 Sliding Scale

90 Minute Session - $60-100 Sliding Scale

Every session is adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.  Depending on what is presenting in the body, we will use one or all of the following bodywork modalities.

Deep Tissue Massage - A set of techniques to address the length of individual muscles.  Postural distortions are created by musculature resting at a length that is either too short or too long.  By addressing these patterns of imbalance, we can help reduce symptoms of pain and tension.

Myofascial Release - Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds the structures within the body.  This tissue can become tense and hold this form due to repetitive movements or trauma in the body.  Releasing these tissues can allow for more movement within the body and improve posture and flexibility.

Tui Na - Tui Na is the modality of bodywork used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It involves dynamic movement and vibrational stimulus to affect deeper musculature and structures within the body.

Intra-Oral Massage - Massage performed inside of the mouth with a gloved hand for the purpose of releasing tension and maintaining proper physical condition of the soft tissues of the mouth, tongue and jaw.  Intra-Oral Massage can be effective in addressing pain associated with the TMJ.  It can also provide relief for both chronic and acute headaches.

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